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Are you ready to hand over the behind the scenes parts of your business so you can concentrate on what you do best?

I specialize in helping business owners and entrepreneurs grow their business and elevate their brand by increasing their productivity and online presence. I can virtually do anything!

Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager

Elevate your brand by building your online presence. Stop stressing and spending time trying to manage your social media on your own. I will be the voice of your brand.
A strong social media presence is an essential component of growth, sustainability, and the success of your business. Are you ready to see real growth on your socials and in your business?

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

I will tackle as much administrative task as your business needs. Communication and attention to detail are a cornerstone of my process, you will barely notice the difference between a worker on-site or remotely.
Email Marketing

Hi, I'm Rosalia

Your new virtual assistant and social media manager

I am here to take care of the small, yet important day-to-day tasks that help your business run smoothly so you can focus on what you actually love doing.

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What my clients say

Rating Stars of services

Rosalia has helped our branding agency a lot. She is mainly in charge of our telemarketing, her charisma is a great asset that has gotten a lot of appointments in our behalf. She is a hard worker and has great attention to detail. Rosalia has helped my business skyrocket by taking care of daily tasks.

Ivanska From Bee Hexa Branding LLC

Rosalia is professional, intelligent and a hard-worker! I would recommend RAD Virtual Solutions to anyone.  Rosalia is able to complete any task that is asked, and she goes above and beyond always thinking about the next step.  She will do things before you even ask and often find solutions to problems in order to free up your time to work on other things.  Working with Rosalia has been a great experience and she has helped our business in so many ways!

Leanna Bliss

Hiring Rosalia has been the best business decision since starting my business. She is a joy to work with & always exceeds my expectations. I love not having to worry about all of the little things in my business that used to take up so much of my time.

Kim Mundy

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